Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 16th July, 2019 6.30 pm, Planning Committee

Venue:   Castle House

Contact:    Geoff Durham
01782 742222

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Becky Allen - Landscape Manager Officer Expected
Head of Planning and Development - Guy Benson Officer In attendance
Nick Bromley - Senior Planning Officer Officer In attendance
Councillor Mrs Silvia Burgess Committee Member Present
Councillor Mrs Jennifer Cooper Committee Member Present
Geoff Durham - Mayor's Secretary / Member Support Officer Officer In attendance
Caroline Elwood - Interim Head of Legal / Monitoring Officer Officer Expected
Councillor Andrew Fear Chair Present
Jennet Hough - Landscape Officer Officer In attendance
Councillor Dave Jones Committee Member Apologies
Rachel Killeen - Senior Planning Officer Officer Expected
Matt Kirk Officer Expected
Councillor Helena Maxfield Committee Member Present
Councillor Sue Moffat Committee Member Apologies
Elaine Moulton - Development Management Team Manager Officer Expected
Councillor Paul Northcott Committee Member Present
Councillor Bert Proctor Committee Member Present
Councillor Marion Reddish Vice-Chair Present
Councillor Simon Tagg Committee Member Present
Trevor Vernon -Solicitor Officer In attendance
Darren Walters- Environmental Protection Officer Officer In attendance
Councillor John Williams Committee Member Present
Councillor Mrs Gillian Williams Committee Member Present