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Request NULBC to review housing targets for Local Plan

We the undersigned petition the Council to review its targets for new housing in the Borough in the emerging Local Plan (given the recent flexibility offered by the Secretary of State, Michael Gove), to greater reflect the actual need (both in number and type of dwellings), recognising that the central Government formula only produces a notional starting figure. We believe that this approach should be part of a genuinely community led, green and regenerative Local Plan. We believe that the review should take into consideration the most up to date population demographics from ONS and others, the various Housing Needs Surveys that have been undertaken throughout the Borough and the various Neighbourhood Development Plans within the Borough, as well as accepting the planning constraints imposed by the Green Belt.

We believe that the above approach acknowledges the exceptional circumstances that justify a more realistic calculation of needs (a flexibility that is stated in paragraph 61 of the NPPF). The exceptional circumstances include the following:

• The falling population of the Borough (a 0.5% drop from 2011 to 2021) suggests a lower household forecast.

• The constraint that a large percentage of the Borough’s rural area that is in the Green Belt (approximately 50%).

• The number of new dwellings built in the Borough in excess of the targets in previous years (32% over the target from the 2018-19 year to the 2020-21 year) and the fact the housebuilding has exceeded the increase in households over the past 10 years in the Borough.

• The negative effect that largescale housing would have on the character of, and wildlife in, our rural areas. Also, the adverse impact that it could have on some rural parishes’ Defra urban/rural classification.

This ePetition ran from 27/01/2023 to 26/01/2024 and has now finished.

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