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Save Newcastle Borough Green Sites

We the undersigned petition the Council to We the undersigned feel strongly that our precious green spaces should not be for sale. This petition aims to 1. Trigger a full council meeting to discuss the sale of green sites with public attendance where questions can be asked within 1 month of the close of this petition 2. Make the council have at least 51% support from respondents of Ward residents in favour of developing any green sites in that Ward via a minimum 6 week consultation 3. Resolves to set up a working group involving Staffordshire Wildlife, Friends of the Earth and a number of community champions and community groups on any proposed development

People of Newcastle-under-Lyme, our green sites and open spaces are yet again under threat. Our council have identified several areas across our borough to sell off for profit to plug the black holes of their inefficient finance handling. There are many guises that the council are using to sell these green sites but ultimately is digging up green fields to build houses the way forward in our borough? The council say they need to do this to fund other projects, but must they be funded through the loss of our green sites? Our town can and must develop alongside having green sites. As the climate crisis deepens this is an unsustainable way of making a money, since the lack of action for nature now, will be more costly in the long run.
There are green sites in Bradwell, Keele, Chesterton, Wolstanton, Madeley and Whitmore under immediate threat. We need our council to hear that we are not going to allow them to sell our open spaces, parks, playing fields and woodlands for monetary gain.
Green spaces are known to contribute to the health and happiness of the people who live surrounded by it. During the pandemic they have been a lifeline for many, for health, both physical and mental. Green sites have an array of benefits for the environment and wildlife.

Please sign and support our cause.

This ePetition ran from 12/10/2021 to 12/05/2022 and has now finished.

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