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The Deputy Leader introduced the Financial and Performance Review Report for the Third Quarter 2023-24.


The Chair then went through the Performance Indicators starting by the ones highlighted in red and the Deputy Leader commented as follows.


About sickness absences – the trend was actually going in the right direction with a reduction of sickness absences in January and February.


About staff turnover – the staff survey showed that people were generally happy and there was no negative feelings.


Cllr Lewis asked if feedback was received from people who were leaving. – People mainly referred to personal circumstances except for some of those who had been dismissed who felt understandingly less satisfied.


Cllr Stubbs challenged the impression that everybody was happy given the high level of turnover and suggested the situation be re-assessed six months later. The Chair endorsed the suggestion.


The Service Director for Strategy, People and Performance added that the aging workforce was to be taken into account along with long term sickness absences as people were often simply retiring.


Cllr Adcock asked what had been the rate of participation to the staff survey. – It was higher than the last one and officers would confirm the exact rate.


About waste and recycling – packaging producers were moving towards light weighting packaging and while there had been a lot of cardboard filling the bins during the Christmas period people were now getting less deliveries.


Cllr Stubbs wondered if the target might not be too high. – This was a good target to aim towards although this could be indeed re-evaluated later on. The borough’s figures were relatively good in comparison with other authorities in the County.


The Director for Finance (section 151 Officer) added that the targets were reviewed on a yearly basis.


Cllr Parker commented that it was the first time those figures were in the red since the new graph template was used for the performance indicators.


Cllr Crisp asked what the percentage was in reference to. – The Director for Finance (section 151 Officer) clarified this was about the total amount of waste collected and took the opportunity to add that with the rise of the cost of living people were naturally spending less and therefore there was less to recycle.


Cllr Lewis asked if it included the recycling centre. – Indeed it did.


Cllr Brockie commented that the pandemic had changed households’ habits with much more waste coming out and the targets may have to be adjusted accordingly.


The Chair suggested that the Service Director for Sustainable Environment joined at the next meeting to answer members’ questions.


About food waste – there had been a drop in participation however the 3,000 flats apartments would soon be taking part which would make a difference. Less food waste also didn’t necessarily meant a bad things as people were perhaps throwing less food away.


About detritus – new equipment had been purchased which should help improve street sweeping and litter picking.


About the Jubilee 2 Customer satisfaction net promotor score – a new online booking system was now in place which should boost customer’s satisfaction. The Chair commented that the Council’s target was more ambitious than the national one and the current score was well above the latter.


Cllr Parker asked if the score was about the online platform or if it included what was happening inside the building. – The teaching staff were also more qualified than people realised and not being aware of it had impacted the score.


Cllr Stubbs challenged the relevance of the staff qualifications. – This was required by national standards.


Cllr Brockie asked about the contracts people would sign up for and the competition from other gym memberships. – The preceding performance indicator was showing that membership growth was good. The model offered was different, more community focussed and including services such as GP referral sessions.


Cllr Parker commented that different types of gyms were suitable for different people, with facilities to train different parts of the body. The J2 Jubilee would attract more of the older generation being perhaps less intimidating and offering both pay as you go and monthly membership.


Resolved:     That the contents of the report and appendices be noted, and that members continue to monitor and challenge the Council’s service and financial performance for this period.


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