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The Mobile Multi-Functional Manager presented her report on the proposals to review the penalty for Section 34(2A) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA 1990) and Section 33 of the EPA 1990, as well as to implement the use of Section 46A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The purpose of the proposals was to tackle a long standing issue of household refuse and recycling bins being left on streets.


Comments were made and responses were provided as follows:


-       Cllr Brown thanked the team for the report and proposals.


-       Cllr Adcock wished to know if appliances left on the pavement in Silverdale would be subject to a fine. – Indeed and residents would need to be educated on what could be tolerated and what could not.


-       Cllr Whieldon expressed the need for policies to be aligned with neighbouring authorities and for education to start with children at school. – It was confirmed that an environmental Enforcement Education Program was undertaken with schools.


-       Cllr J. Williams asked about the practicality of moving the bins and what officers were trying to achieve. – The plan was to start with hot spots and members may be asked to help communicate with their residents and open the conversation about duty of care. The approach would be to educate first, then issue a warning, then follow up with an official notice and finally issue a fixed penalty in case of breach of that notice.


-       Cllr J. Williams wondered where the Council stood with regard to alleyways and bins not taken back by residents. – The behaviour around alleyways needed to be reviewed, including fly tipping. Residents were not always aware about their responsibilities.


-       Cllr Barker asked if there was a plan for cases where residents were putting their bins out two days before collection. – Again, this was down to education. Cllr Whieldon commented there should be some leeway for changes in timetables.


-       Cllr Hutchison reported that six new drivers were appointed and some of the loaders were upgraded which would allow for more flexibility in the refuse collection. External agencies would also be used as required to bring temporary workers in.


-       Cllr Barker complained about the mess left after recycling was being picked up. – Refuse that fell on the pavement was being picked up by the team and street cleaning was following up with litter picking. Members wishing to raise issues could do so with the head of service.


-       The Chair asked how long would residents have to retrieve what hasn’t been collected and if it wouldn’t be better to have the information available on the website rather that printing out leaflets for all the borough. – The information and guidance would be put online and leaflets would only be used for hot spots location with particular problems as an educational tool.


-       The Chair expressed concerns over requesting from members to go and distribute leaflets in their ward which would require physical fitness. – Officers would report back to the Committee about progress made in drafting the policies.


-       Cllr Wright raised the case of some University students who could benefit from receiving education with regard to the bins. – It was confirmed Keele University was on board.


-       Cllr Dymond asked if members could have a say on how many leaflets were needed in their area. – Assessing the needs would indeed be done in partnership with whoever was keen to get involved.


-       Cllr Heesom suggested to put stickers on bins and expressed concerns over temporary residents. – This was something to be introduced as part of the plan along with educating everyone.


Resolved:     That the review of the Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) and support to the implementation of Section 46A EPA 1990 be approved in principle.


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