Agenda item



Resolved:     (A)       That, subject to the applicant entering into a Section 106

obligation by agreement by 28th June 2019 to secure the following:

- A Travel Plan monitoring fee of £2,407.

- £10,000 for the provision of signal controlled pedestrian

  crossing facilities on the A50 Liverpool Road.


The application be permitted subject to the undermentioned



(i)         Time Limit.

(ii)        Plans, unless overridden by conditions below.

(iii)       No consent granted for signs indicated in submission

(iv)       Agreement of external facing materials.

(v)        Agreement of boundary treatments.

(vi)       Hard and soft landscaping details, including for area

currently proposed for 10 car parking spaces adjacent to

Canal boundary, and tree protection measures


Highways and parking matters

(vii)      Amended car parking layout to reflect condition 5 above

(viii)     Full details of the site access on Hardingswood Road

(ix)       Agreed visibility splays being provided on Hardingswood


(x)        The development not to be brought into use until parking,

servicing and turning areas have been provided in accordance with the approved plans.

(xi)       Prior approval and provision of surface water drainage for

the access and car park.

(xii)      Off-site highways works for the provision of road signs

for pedestrians in carriageway’ and ‘slow’ road markings on Hardingswood Road and Second Avenue prior to use of the development.

(xiii)     Pedestrian / cycle access point’s provision.

(xiv)     The pedestrian / cycle route via the canal towpath to be

signed subject to the agreement   and thereafter


(xv)      Secure weatherproof cycle parking details 

(xvi)     The submitted Travel Plan shall be fully implemented. Reports demonstrating progress in promoting sustainable transport measures shall be submitted annually on each anniversary date of the planning consent for a period of 5 years.

(xvii)    Agreement and implementation of a Delivery Vehicle

Management Plan.

(xviii)   The agreement and implementation of a Construction

Management Plan.



(xix)     Foul and surface water drained on separate systems.

(xx)      Prior approval and implementation of a surface water

drainage scheme.

(xxi)     The surface water drainage scheme to be in accordance

with Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems.


Amenity matters/ Site contamination

(xxii)    Agreement of a Construction and Demolition

Environmental Management Plan.

(xxiii)   Implementation of the submitted lighting scheme.

(xxiv)   Agreement of refuse and storage arrangements.

(xxv)    No noise generating plant shall be installed externally in

any part of the development until full and precise details of the proposed plant and any mitigation measures have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

(xxvi)   Deliveries to, and waste collections from, the store shall

not take place before 7am or after 11pm on any day.

(xxvii)  Standard conditions relating to dealing with land

contamination and the importation of soil

(xxviii)Electric Vehicle charging points provision.

(xxix)   That a traffic Regulation Order be confirmed prior to

commencement of development.



In addition, a note be sent to the  applicant requesting their

consideration of the matters referred to by the Crime Prevention Design Advisor.


(B)       Should the above Section 106 obligation not be secured

within the above period, that the Head of Planning be given delegated authority to refuse the application on the grounds that without such matters being secured, the development would fail to ensure it achieves sustainable development outcomes and safety improvements required to secure an appropriate context for the development ,  and there would not be an appropriate review mechanism to allow for changed financial circumstance, or, if he considers it appropriate, to extend the period of time within which the obligations can be secured.


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