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Sergeant David Barrow of Staffordshire Police gave a presentation to Members on the Cumulative Impact Review.  All Members received a hard copy of the presentation.


The presentation was given to help Members consider whether the Cumulative Impact Policy was still required and when the policy should be reviewed  with a view to transition into a Cumulative Impact Assessment.


Members were advised that Police Officers went into the town in the early morning looking for rough sleepers and working with them, referred them to the Council’s Housing team.  In addition, the Police were working with the Council to have charity boxes placed around the time which would be used to assist the homeless to help reduce the number of people asking shoppers if they had any spare change.


Police feedback had shown that there had been an improvement in the number of people arrested.


A plan, included within the presentation showed the Cumulative Impact Zone.  Councillor Kearon stated that the plan did not  map exactly on that of the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) and asked if  the Police were picking up issues within the PSPO and whether the Cumulative Impact Zone was giving a complete picture?


Members were advised that it was – in terms of stand-up venues. PSPO’s were more to do with Anti-Social Behaviour Orders than violence.


Councillor Kearon had done a walk-around in the town  some years ago with Sergeant Speedman and had noted ‘feeder’ pubs just outside of the town centre.  Councillor Kearon asked if that was still an issue.


Sergeant Barrow stated that the resources were no longer available to do those visits.  In addition, people were coming into town later than they did before – between 11pm and 12am.


Councillor Cooper made reference to drug dealers operating within the town centre  and was advised that any suspicious activities should be reported by calling 101.  There will be Officers around the town and CCTV  may capture the activities as they happen.


Councillor Robinson told the committee of a random attack he was aware of where an individual had been punched.  The same group of people who had carried out that attack had done other things.  Councillor Robinson asked about prevention.


Sergeant Barrow stated that a lot of work had been done in respect of drug awareness, stranger danger and knives by visits to schools by PCSO’s.


Members were advised that, although a lot of incidents were reported to the police but when statements etc were asked for they were not forthcoming.


The presentation gave an indication of the violent crimes reported in 2015, 2016 and 2017 including the worse affected streets and Anti-Social Behaviour statistics.


The Chair thanked Sergeant Barrow for the presentation.


Members were asked to consider the options shown at paragraph 3.1 of the committee report.  Members were asked to consider when the Council should transition from the Cumulative Impact Policy to the Cumulative Impact Assessment.


Resolved:     That the current Policy be reviewed in twelve months with a

view to transitioning to the new legislation.


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