Agenda and minutes

Heritage Cabinet Working Group - Thursday, 12th September, 2019 2.30 pm

Venue: Red Room, Borough Museum and Art Gallery, the Brampton, Newcastle, Staffs.

Contact: Geoff Durham - 742222 

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Apologies were received from Councillors Moffatt and Walklate.



To receive declarations of interest from Members on items contained within this agenda.


There were no declarations of interest stated.




Resolved:     That the Minutes of the meeting held on 6 June, 2019 be agreed

as a correct record subject to the following amendment:




Third paragraph, replace the Jazz and Blues Festival with the

Lymelight Festival




There were no matters arising.




Ms Elise Turner, Engagement Manager for the National Lottery Heritage Fund briefed Members on the fund advising that £5 million had been invested in the Borough. 


There was now a new process to apply for grants which was easier and quicker to use.  The process also now had local decision making. 


Councillor Gill Heesom asked if Lottery Funding could be used for the Newcastle Carnival.  Ms Turner explained that to be eligible it had to be a new, one off event and therefore, as the carnival would be an annual event this would not be suitable.  However, a grant could be applied for to do research / a presentation for the carnival.


The Chair, councillor Mark Holland thanked Ms Turner for the information and stated that it could be of benefit to community groups, for example within our area.


Resolved:     That the information be received.






Consideration was given to a report outlining the use of the Philip Astley connection to the Borough to create a Unique Selling Point for the town centre in the build up to the 850th anniversary celebrations.


Officer time from the Council’s Economic Regeneration Team was continuing around the Philip Astley Project and the report was seeking approval for this to continue.  Members were happy for this to happen.


Members were advised that the Council had put £800 into the Homecoming event this year and had done so last year.  The Van Buren’s had helped to raise the profile.


Members’ attention was drawn to paragraph 2, outlining ways to embed the Astley legacy.


The Astley Themed Town Centre Trail would provide a way of understanding the heritage.  Temporary displays could be transferred onto empty shop windows or a display put into an empty shop.  The next Astley Fest would be in 2020 and would mirror the first one.


A permanent memorial, possibly in the form of a bronze statue had also been suggested.  The Council’s Regeneration and Economic Development Manager, Kim Graham stated that when places that had such a statue were visited, people were drawn to them.


Members’ attention was drawn to the table at paragraph 3.3.


Councillor Helena Maxfield queried the timescales, notably that in 2022 potential designs for a permanent memorial would be displayed for comment and in 2023 the finished article would be unveiled.  Members and officers agreed that this seemed very ambitious and may need reconsidering.


Councillor BarryPanter suggested that other local ‘celebrities’ could be considered as well as Philip Astley.


The Chair agreed that Newcastle should celebrate its famous sons and daughters adding that the Philip Astley Project had sparked imagination both in Newcastle and far and wide.


Members also suggested some recognition of the Stoke Speedway which had been based in the Borough, mining disasters and ‘pits/pots and hats’.



Resolved:     That officer time (from the Economic Regeneration Team – and

other teams as required) be devoted to working up ideas in more detail).





Councillor Gill Heesom gave an update from the Carnival Committee.


There was a wish to get people in the local community involved in events. 


It was being considered to move the Carnival to the second Bank Holiday in May to keep with the tradition of the Carnivals held some years ago.


Next year the Carnival would be concentrated within the Town Centre and include a fair, charity markets etc and maybe introducing dance troupes for  dance off.  The event would be a family orientated day out.


Looking ahead to 2021 the event could  incorporate Brampton Park for a ‘picnic in the park’ and in 2023, funding could be sought for a much larger event – taking in links from the past.


The next Carnival Committee will be held on 17 September, 2019 at 9.30am. 


The Council’s Regeneration and Economic Development Manager, Kim Graham suggested contacting Beaver Arts who had quite an archive from previous Carnivals.  In addition, the Culture and Arts Manager, Delyth Copp stated that the  Museum had photographs and video footage including information from the Octocentenary in 1973.





Members received a presentation from The Culture and Arts Managers from the Brampton Museum – Delyth Copp and Teresa Mason.  A project was being worked on to increase audiences by 10,000 per year.


The project would focus on:

Families with young children needing additional support

Older people who were socially isolated or living with dementia

People with physical impairments.


In addition, key audiences would be built upon, namely:


Volunteering opportunities especially from the 16 – 25 age group

Out of hours use for community events

Improving the Museum’s income and sustainability

Integration of the museum into the park.


The Museum project would therefore involve the inclusion of a dedicated learning space, improved exhibition gallery, creation of a volunteer meeting space, improving of storage space and working with partners.


An Events and Activities Officer would be appointed.


Plans of the proposed alterations were shown to Members.


Councillor Amelia Rout said that this was a very exciting project and enquired about the cost and funding for the project.


Members were advised that the project would cost £630,000 plus £50,000 for the appointment of the Events and Activities Officer.


£400,000 had been earmarked in the Council’s Capital Programme over the next three years and other funding was also being looked at.


Councillor Heesom enquired about parking when the footfall increased and was advised that parking was an issue.  Ms Elise turner suggested that cycle paths and  buses could be promoted.


Resolved:     That the information be received.





The Council’s Head of Leisure and Cultural Services, Rob Foster Advised that the appointment of a Poet Laureate would be included on the next agenda.


The Chair advised that next year would be the 30th anniversary of Newcastle’s participation in Britain in Bloom.  Ms Graham stated that next year money would be available from a Section 106 agreement to upgrade the tunnels at the Grosvenor Roundabout  where the mosaics had fallen off and suggested that  the Britain in Bloom theme could be commissioned for this.


Councillor Maxfield suggested that an item such as a new gavel for committees could be commissioned for the 850th anniversary celebrations.