Agenda and minutes

Conservation Advisory Working Party - Tuesday, 29th October, 2019 6.30 pm

Venue: FF01 - Castle. View directions

Contact: Geoff Durham 

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Declarations of Interest

To receive Declarations of Interest from Members on items included in this agenda



Councillor Panter declared a non-pecuniary interest in the application at Madeley 19/00599/OUT as a neighbour of the site.



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To consider the minutes of the previous meeting(s)


Resolved:                 That the minutes of the meeting held on 8 October, 2019 be agreed as a correct record.


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To receive the decisions of applications which have been previously considered by this Working Party


Resolved:               That the decisions on applications previously considered by this Working Party be received.


Matters Arising


Amended plans for Sidmouth Avenue 19/00708/DEEM4


The Working Party considers that the changes are not that significant and still dislike the large roof and garages at the front, and would prefer bins located to the rear of to be concealed more.  The Working Party would still like a pair of Semi-detached houses and front wall with landscaping to discourage parking.  It objects to Unit 2 and would like a more bespoke design, possibly even a more modern approach. 




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To make observations on new applications received.

Additional documents:



Resolved:           That the following observations be made on the applications listed below:-




Newcastle Museum and Art Gallery, Brampton Road   19/00687/DEEM3




The Working Party does not object to the internal courtyard extension but wants to ensure the rainwater is dealt with adequately.  It objects to the rear extension as incongruous and out of scale with the main house.  It feels that the veranda and decking area with pergola could be designed better and would prefer timber railings.  It also regrets the loss of garden and the environment impacts.  It would expect the rainwater goods to be aluminium.  There was also general disapproval with the side entrance door with external steps as an unnecessary alteration which doesn’t relate well to the existing building.


Ravens Court House, Ravenshall, Main Road, Betley 19/00788/FUL


The Working Party considers that the scale and detailing of the proposed extension on the north elevation is out of scale and out of character with the Conservation Area.  They consider that the walls and gate access are already out of character with the scale of the original farmhouse and any extension to the garage block should be recessive and modest.  They expressed that if a dwelling was considered acceptable it should be more like a coach house design.  The windows in the existing garage should be retained in the same style as they relate to the farmhouse.  The scheme is poorly designed and detailed.  The Working Party also raises concerns with the lack of detail of the boundary for the proposed dwelling along which will become the new curtilage, which extends outwards into the field.  Concern was raised about the requirement for additional garages to both properties if this is allowed.


Land adjacent to 5 Morningside and 16 Laverock Grove, Madeley 19/00599/OUT


The Working Party feels that from the perspective of the Madeley Conservation Area, the proposal is unlikely to cause harm.  Comment was made that the roof dormers are not entirely in keeping with the character of the existing houses.  Concerns were raised over the problems of parking and traffic in the area which would be worse if the development was approved by displacing cars and traffic around the already busy and narrow roads.  The Working Party recognises that the main issues with this application are `planning` issues, such as refuse, emergency access, neighbour issues and overdevelopment given the narrow access into the backland parking area.


Conservation and Heritage Fund

To consider any applications for financial assistance from the Conservation and Heritage Fund which may have been brought to this meeting by the officer


There were no applications.


Urgent Business

To consider any business which is urgent within the meaning of Section 100B(4) of the Local Government Act, 1972.


There was no Urgent Business.